Own recipes

Own recipes

My own recipes - All your recipes in one place is an easy-to-use management for all your recipes.
A simple modern design allows you to manage your recipe into categories. You can easily change and add categories.

The app makes it also possible to use PDFs or pictures as recipes.

All recipes are managed together in the app and the build-in search allows you to find them quickly and easily.

You can simply share your recepies by mail, iMessages or WhatsApp. If the recipient also has the app, he can easily import the recipes.

The built-in grocery list can be quickly filled with ingredients from the recipes and shared through the app. For example, with the noteapp or via email.

Functions overview:

• Modern design
• Easy to use
• Clear user interface
• Wizard for Recipes (iPad)
• Use tags to organize your recipes
• Easy management of recipes in categories
• Determine yourself how much categories you need and try them individually in your favorite colors
• Add pictures to the recipes
• With the built-in search, you can find your recipes quickly
• You can create your own recipes, but also use pictures and PDFs
• For your own recipes you can take notes
• Build-in grocery list
• Export your recipes as PDF
• The shopping list can easily be shared via email
• The recipes can be shared via email and messages
• A recipe received via email can be transferred directly into your app
• iCloud backup function for all your recipes

What's New

Version 3.7 has the motto "Make it easier!

- The new Wizard on iPad guides you through the process of creating different types of recipes.
- You no longer have to struggle with two different input masks. Just like with the iPhone, you can now create your new recipes on the iPad in the Recipe View.
- In addition, we've included help texts in numerous places that show you more options or provide explanations if something is not quite clear.
- Image recipes now allow you to delete, rotate, and add new images afterwards.
- Enter recipe ingredients even faster by activating "Auto-complete" in the settings.
- We also updated the help and optimized the layout.